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The Rebirth of Detroit Through Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

Jul 18, 2018
Through 2013 and 2014 Detroit filed Bankruptcy through the municipal court system. This has without a doubt been one of the most historic moments in Detroit’s financial history, and possibly...

Lil Kim Pleads To Keep Her House During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Jul 17, 2018
If you read our blog a few weeks ago, you would know that Rapper, Lil Kim, filed for a chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, she was unaware, and most likely the...

Gymboree Rises Out Of Bankruptcy

Jul 16, 2018
As we all know, companies like Amazon continue to put countless retail stores out of business. However, one retailer is defying all odds. Gymboree filed for bankruptcy back in 2017,...

Toys’R’Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

By: admin
Sep 21, 2017
Image Credit: AP   Faced with $5 billion in long-term investment debt and fierce competition from a rapidly-changing retail marketplace, toy and children’s goods retailer Toys’R’Us has filed for Chapter...

Leading Cancer Treatment Firm Files Bankruptcy

Jul 3, 2017
The leading operator of cancer treatment facilities, 21st Century Oncology has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The leading cancer treatment firm claims that its future is unclear, due to recent...
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