Category: Personal injury

Find information on getting a personal injury attorney and receiving the money you deserve for your accident.

How Do You Know If You Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

Nov 13, 2018
A lot of the times, people get into accidents, and just continue to live their normal lives. In many cases, the injury or accident causes lives to change however. This...

Whiplash Is The Leading Personal Injury

Nov 6, 2018
There are millions of personal injury cases a year, and whiplash is hands down the most common injury among all of the injuries. Just over 70% of all accidents that...

Top 10 Largest Personal Injury Settlements of All Time

Oct 22, 2018
We’ve all seen the flaunting of Personal Injury billboards along the highway; they are literally everywhere we drive. Each sign appearing different than the last, but with the same message:...

Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Oct 16, 2018
Hundreds of personal injuries happen a day, many of which are accidents, and certainly unplanned. Personal injury can relate to things all over the spectrum, from workers compensation to dog...

The Infamous McDonald’s Hot Coffee Personal Injury Case… EXPLAINED

Oct 8, 2018
If you’re over the age of 18, you’ve probably heard about one of McDonald’s most controversial law suits filed against them. It not only made national headline news, but also...
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