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myATLlaw, Slipakoff & Slomka is now a Douglasville, GA Law Firm consisting of Bankruptcy and Family Law Attorneys in servicing East Atlanta. We have been helping people just like you for over 25 years and now we have an office in Douglasville too. With years of experience serving Metro Atlanta citizens all over, myATLlaw decided to expand their services by adding “brick in mortar” offices to better support the demand for excellent client service. One of our newest locations has been to open the office in the fun and family-friendly Douglasville, GA.   At myATLlaw’s Douglasville Bankruptcy and Family Law Office, you will now have access to professional, kind and helpful service you need while considering your options with either divorce or debt solutions. At myATLlaw, Slipakoff & Slomka, we have been there ourselves before so we know how it feels. We really want to help you get your life back. Contact the Bankruptcy Attorneys and Divorce Attorneys in Atlanta’s Douglasville, GA today to find out what we can do for you.

Douglasvilles Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm

Skint Chestnut? or Decatur, GA?…

Situated at a characteristic ascent in the geology, Douglasville was initially known as Skint Chestnut. The name is gotten from a substantial tree utilized by Native Americans as a point of interest, which was stripped of its bark in order to be more obvious.

The Town of Douglasville was built up by the Georgia General Assembly on February 25, 1875. The limits were as per the following: The inside should be a point specifically inverse the court house in said town, on the Georgia Western Railroad, thus running along the focal point of said street every way three-fourths of a mile, and broadening one half mile every path from the focal point of said street, the type of said an area to be an elongated square.

A decision was hung on the principal Saturday in March, 1875, and a chairman, treasurer, records (secretary), and marshall were picked. In this manner started the official history of Douglasville, today a standout amongst the most appealing, noteworthy parts of the Atlanta metro territory. As you may speculate, be that as it may, the genuine stories and history reach out back substantially sooner than 1875.

Bankruptcy Services in Douglasville

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing
  • Debt Evaluation & Debt Counseling

Family Law Services in Douglasville

  • Divorce | Contested Divorce | Uncontested
  • Mediation
  • Child Custody | Child Support
  • Domestic Violence

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