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Discover topics about Divorce and other issues classified as Family Law that will assist you in alleviating stress and permit you to concentrate on your well-being and the well-being of your children.

Should You Hire an Divorce Attorney For a Collaborative Divorce?

Nov 9, 2018
Let’s first start out by answering the question, what is a collaborative divorce? By law, a collaborative divorce is the process by which disputes, fights, etc. are excluded from the...

My Ex Isn’t Paying Child Support, What Should I Do?

Nov 8, 2018
Divorce is never an easy of pain free process, especially when it comes to a child. Your child should always be your number one priority, and that means making sure...

Divorce: Who Gets To Keep The Pet?

Nov 7, 2018
Pets are our furry little friends, and one of our most favorited responsibilities as pet owners. They love us no matter what. And we love them no matter what. Losing...

5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid During/After Divorce

Nov 1, 2018
Divorce can be tough, and often times costly mistakes are made during/after your divorce. Mistakes that sometimes can have lastly effects. We all have different methods of thought process and...
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