Category: Child Support

Child support can be an emotional as well as financially, confusing process. Here is some information, tips, and strategies to help you calculate mutually beneficial child support for divorced parents or unwed fathers.

My Ex Isn’t Paying Child Support, What Should I Do?

Nov 8, 2018
Divorce is never an easy of pain free process, especially when it comes to a child. Your child should always be your number one priority, and that means making sure...

Importance of having a seasoned family law attorney assist you with the discovery of a contentious divorce?

Oct 24, 2018
The discovery process is not an easy process to tackle by yourself.  Shortly after someone files the initial court papers to start the process of divorce, the soon to be...

What Types Of Cases Are Included Under Family Law?

Oct 18, 2018
Family law classifies everything that has to do with family matters. Seems pretty straight forward right? Well there’s a lot more family matters that reach a court room than one...

What If I Can’t Find My Spouse? Desertion

Sep 21, 2018
There are some marriages that end in divorce because of desertion. Desertion is when one spouse deserts, or abandons, the other spouse. In this case scenario, the abandoned spouse is...
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