Category: Home Foreclosure

Are you facing home foreclosure and want to understand, delay, or prevent the process? You will find information and tips on what to do when facing home foreclosure in hopes that you can avoid it altogether.

File Bankruptcy To Stop Your Foreclosure Before It’s Too Late!

Aug 3, 2018
As foreclosure Tuesday quickly approaches, it’s not unusual for bankruptcy filings to spike up in numbers. Waiting till the last minute can both help you and hurt you, when it...

Last Minute Ways To Stop a Foreclosure

Aug 2, 2018
It’s that time of the month when foreclosures are being filed left and right. Everyone likes to wait till the last minute to file for bankruptcy, in order to stop...

Did You Know Your Home Can Still Be Foreclosed During A Modification?

Jun 19, 2018
Did you know that your home can still be foreclosed on while you are in the middle of a loan modification? Yes, this absolutely a possibility.  Many people come into...

What Is A Reaffirmation Agreement?

Jun 13, 2018
By filing for bankruptcy, you are breaking the barrier of debt between you and your creditors/lenders. However, lots of the times, you end up having to forfeit your possessions and...
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