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KISS – Keeping It Simple Slipakoff & Slomka

Founding Partners, Adam Slipakoff and Howard “Howie” Slomka have both worked in large and small law firms and with high-end clients as well as small. Quickly, they both came to realize that working with smaller clients gave them a sense of connected purpose and satisfaction that goes with helping people on a personal level. Using their experience to simplify needlessly complex processes, they found a love for guarding clients, from further trepidation and strife.
There will always be a place in the world for traditional “by the book”, black and white, logic-driven law firms. Adam and Howie simply believe their clients prefer working with a law firm that embraces a different set of values.


We are honest and ethically driven to give you a clear understanding of risks and benefits while giving you the tools necessary to make an informed decision.


We put the client first. Open hearts and ears help us to truly understand what your goals, fears, and needs are but from your perspective, not ours..


25+ years of practicing law, coupled with and empathetic ear and an honest mouth, help us design and deliver legal strategies personalized just for you.

myATLlaw | Slipakoff & Slomka is an Atlanta Law Company which strives to protect the rights of its clients in cases ranging from divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, debtor’s rights to asset protection.

All our attorneys are very empathetic and sympathetic professionals committed to making our clients feel like people again in a legal system that can be institutional and sterile. Our attorneys treat every client with the utmost importance and maintain a judgment-free office atmosphere. We know how stressful going through a legal issue can be and strive to make the ordeal comfortable and understandable to each individual client.

Serving the legal needs of our clients in an ethical and still efficient way is our goal. At myATLaw , we are comprised of a team of legal professionals committed to our clients, and truly enjoy what we do. See for yourself how our experience in family law, probate, paternity and bankruptcies can help through this time in your life. Schedule a consultation with one of our myATLlaw general, family law, or bankruptcy attorneys.

Convenient Client Contact

Life is busy and we don’t expect you to drop everything to visit our offices in the middle of your day. While we always like to meet in person, much of our work can be completed online, over email, phone or video conference (Our mobile app) and even text.

We use convenient and professional office locations covering most of Metro Atlanta. Not to mention that all of our locations have free parking.

APPS THAT YOU know and love

We love using Dropbox, DocuSign and Google Apps to share information. We collaborate using tools you know and trust and are always open to using new technologies to improve the process and make things easier on everyone.


You want great legal services at an affordable price. We want to focus on delivering results instead of reporting on billable hours every week. Let’s make this happen.

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Mobile/Tech First

myATLlaw is built on a foundation of smart and efficient use of modern technologies.  In fact, we embrace technology. We see it as a tool to improve service, not a threat to our business model.


When we find a great online service that our clients love, we use it. For example, as much as we love printing, signing, scanning and faxing agreements, we let you use your computer or even your smartphone to deliver, receive and engage with communications.


Has it been a while since you wrote a hand-written check? We understand. At myATLlaw | Slipakoff & Slomka we encourage our clients to pay for our services the way you want to pay. We use LawPay so that you can easily pay for your services online.


We use industry leading cloud-based technology to share documents, records, files, invoices and messages with clients.



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